The Boise Bass Busters are Dedicated to the sport of competitive bass angling with the highest moral and ethical standards.


  Boise Bass Busters is a bass fishing club for the Southwestern Idaho And Eastern Oregon area. Our goal is to enjoy tournament style bass fishing while displaying high moral and ethical standards. We want an environment where family and friends can attend our activities without the threat of embarrassment. We want our members character and credibility to be above average and without question. Our desire is to have a club where members not only share their bass fishing skills and techniques, but also develop positive, lasting friendships with one another. The club rules are specifically against any member using profanity, alcohol, illegal substances or abhorrent behavior. We are looking for people who agree with our philosophy, have a love for bass fishing and a spirit of competition. If you have this desire, we want to talk to you.


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Lloyd Gilreath Jr.


Vice President

Billy Fittje



Lloyd Gilreath 



Bill Fittje


Tournament Director

Tom Browning



Federation Rep

Lloyd Gilreath sr.



Revised 1/23/2017



Article I: Name, Function and Purpose

Section 1:


This chapter of the Idaho State B.A.S.S. Federation Nation shall be called the Boise Bass Busters.

These By-laws shall also be assumed by the Boise Youth Bass Busters.

Section 2:

The Boise Bass Busters shall fish in an individual tournament format. This shall not

Change while the membership is a current chapter of the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation

and/or continues to assume the name of the Boise Bass Busters.

Section 3:

The purpose of this chapter is:

a. To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport.

b. To offer the Idaho Department of Fish and Game our organization moral and

Political support. To promote full adherence to all conservation codes and to demand

adequate water standards.

c. To improve our skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of

expert bass-catching techniques and ideas, and to promote and encourage youth

fishing and a love for this great recreational sport.

d. To function as a dynamic and effective link with other chapters of the Idaho State

B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of embracing the principles of the Bass Anglers

Sportsman’s Society.


Article II:


Section 1:

Requirements for Membership

To become a chapter member, a person shall:

1. Express an interest in membership.

2. Be at least 18 years of age or part of a family membership.

3. Pay dues of $70.00 Family/Individual Membership ($30.00 to IBFN + $30.00 to BFN + $10.00 to


A family/Individual membership shall include:

1. Head of household.

2. Spouse or significant other.

3. Any minor under the age of 18 (eighteen) associated with an adult member shall

be considered a member under the family membership of such adult member. If a

minor turns 18 (eighteen) prior to the first scheduled chapter tournament of the

year, he or she will be required to pay membership fees as an adult.

a. All dues paying members will be a B.A.S.S. member with-in the first year of

membership and retain a B.A.S.S. membership while a member of the BBB.

b. Annual membership shall be from December 1st thru November 30th


Section 2:

Member in good standing

To be a member in good standing with the B.B.B. a member must:

1. Have the Next year’s annual dues paid by the awards banquet of

the prior year.

a. Non-members must pay club dues before they are eligible to earn club points and may not

fish more than 1 (one) tournament per year prior to payment of dues.

b. Non-members may fish 1 (one) tournament per calendar year as a guest. The non-member fishing as a guest will be required to pay an entry fee of $20.00. This fee will allow the guest to compete only in the “Big Fish” option. Non-member guests will not be eligible for additional entry fees or options .

c. All new members shall be given, by the secretary, a packet containing a copy of

these by-laws, tournament rules and a tournament schedule.


Article III:

Executive Committee


Section 1:

Elected Officers and Their Duties

a. President: Preside over all B.B.B. chapter meetings and direct business. Appoint

members to committees and be an ex-officio member of all committees and

supervise all B.B.B. chapter functions. Have his name on the club bank account.

If the President cannot make the meeting he must have his report to another

elected officer prior to the meeting.

b. Vice-President: Act as chairman of the Executive Committee, B.B.B. open

tournament committee, will keep a current count of club functions attended by

each club member (see: Article II, Section 3, Point 3.), will assist the President

and preside in the absence of the President. If the V.P. cannot make the meeting

he must have his report to another elected officer prior to the meeting.

c. Secretary: Maintain accurate minutes of all regular and special meeting as called

for by the chapter President and a monthly newsletter containing at a minimum,

minutes from the previous meeting, an up-to-date membership roster with phone

numbers and the results of any chapter functions resulting after the previous

newsletter. This newsletter shall reach the majority of the membership no fewer

than 7 (seven) days before the next regular chapter meeting. If the secretary

cannot make the meeting he must have his report to another elected officer prior

to the meeting.

d. Treasurer: Maintain accurate financial records and present a current balance

report at each regular meeting. Prepares an annual audit for review by chapter

officers. Have his name on the club bank account. If the treasurer cannot make the

meeting he must have his report to another elected officer prior to the meeting.

e. Federation Representative: Maintain regular liaison between the chapter and the

Idaho State B.A.S.S. Federation Nation. Also keeps members aware of pertinent

changes and news From B.A.S.S. If the Federation Rep. cannot make the meeting

he must have his report to another elected officer prior to the meeting.

f. Tournament Director: Plan, schedule, organize and operate all chapter tournaments.

The Tournament Director will draft tournament rules which must be then approved by

the general membership. The Director will keep tournament records, enforce all

tournament rules and investigate all protests and make decisions known to chapter

officers. Have his name on the club bank account. If the Tournament Dir. cannot

make the meeting he must have his report to another elected officer prior to the


G. Youth Director: Organize and direct the Youth Chapter of the BBB. Make sure all

eligible youths are informed of the dates and qualifications of any State Youth

Championship. Organize the members to assist in and hold youth events. If the

Youth Dir. cannot make the meeting he must have his report to another elected

officer prior to the meeting.

Section 2:

The election of club officers shall be held at the August meeting. Elections

shall be by simple majority of members present. Election of each officer shall be held

separately. Nominations will be taken at the June and July meetings and will

be printed in the August newsletter. This is to allow the newly elected officer to learn

from the existing officer until the official change at the November Meeting.

Section 3:
Eligibility of Vote

Each family/Individual membership is entitled to 1 (one) vote. Proxy or absentee votes

are not permitted.

Section 4:
Terms of Office

The term of office is for 1 (one) year, which shall begin on December 1st and terminate on

November 30th, or until a successor assumes office. Each elected officer shall have his

Family/Individual Membership dues paid for the year following his term.

Section 5:

In the event of an office becoming vacant, nominations shall be solicited and an election

held to fill the remaining term of the individual vacating the office. The B.A.S.S.

Federation Nation shall be notified immediately of any change in officers.

Section 6:
Eligibility for Holding Office

a. Nominees must have been an active member for at least 1 (one) year prior to



Section 7:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will be comprised of the elected officers, the Federation

Representative, the Tournament Director and 1 (one) member appointed by the President.

This committee will be comprised of 7 (seven) persons. (The odd number is necessary

because the President will only vote in the event of a tie on an issue).

It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to exercise general supervision and

control of the invested funds and property of this chapter. It shall have the authority to act

in the name of this chapter during intervals between meetings, with such acts being

subject to confirmation by the members of the B.B.B. at the next regular meeting of this

chapter. It shall provide for an annual audit of the treasurer’s books. It shall meet at the

call of the President or at the call of a majority of this chapter.


Article IV:

Standing Committees

Section 1:

Duration of Service

All standing committees will serve for 1 (one) year or until a new committee is

appointed. All other committees will be on an as needed basis, duration of these

committees will be decided by chapter officers.

Section 2:


The purpose of the Tournament Selection Committee shall be to plan, organize, and set

the schedule for the coming tournament season. The committee is comprised of the

existing elected officers and the newly elected officers.


Article V:

Removal of Membership


Section 1:

Immediate Dismissal

A member shall be dropped from the membership for the following:

a. Failure to pay dues PRIOR to the first scheduled chapter tournament.

b. For receiving a third strike as set forth in the Personal Actions Policy.

Section 2:
Personal Actions Policy

This chapter shall abide by a “Three Strikes Your Out” policy for actions at chapter


a. For the purpose of the “Three Strikes Your Out” policy a chapter function is defined

as any 2 (two) or more members are gathered in the spirit of the Boise Bass Busters

and/or the Idaho B.A.S.S. Federation, before, during or after the actual function.

b. If a member is deemed by the Executive Committee to have committed an action that

would dishonor or disgrace this chapter in any way (drunkenness, fighting, any

illegal action, loud foul language disruptive to others, etc.) That Member shall receive

a verbal warning and a minimum of 1 (one) strike. To a maximum of 3 (three)

strikes in the same year.

c. If a member receives his/her third strike that member shall be immediately

dropped from this chapter and must sit out the following season before reapplying

for membership in this chapter. All reapplications must pass by a majority vote of

the general membership.


Article VI:

Amendments or Deletions

In order to add or delete from these by-laws, there must be a 2 (two) month discussion

period during the meetings before it is voted on by the membership during the second



Article VII:

Plaques and Trophies


Section 1:

It shall be the decision of the club, one time each year to determine how the awards will

be distributed.


Article VIII:

Section 1

The Boise Bass Busters do not assume responsibility for any claim, loss, or accident

which would name this chapter, its’ officers, or principals. Participants must be

responsible for their families.


Article IX:

Section 1
Tournament Point System

1. Boise Bass Busters shall operate with the following tournament points system:

A. 300 points for first place, then decreasing by 10 points per place to a

minimum of 50 points. (Anglers that attend an event but do not weigh any fish will receive appropriate points by skipping two places below the angler with the lowest recorded weight)

B. Any anglers tying will receive the same points. (example: if three anglers

do not weigh any fish, they will all three receive the same amount of


C. 15 points will be added for the big fish of the tournament.

D. Dead fish weighed will result in a deduction from total weight of .25 pounds per dead fish.

                         E. Non-Member anglers fishing as a "Guest" are excluded from the tournament points system. 


Section 2

Tournament Entry Fees/Options

1. It shall be the decision of the club, one time each year to determine entry fees and options for the tournament season. This determination shall be made prior to the first scheduled club tournament of the year. If determination in the current year is not made, entry fees and options will revert to those agreed upon the previous year.

(1). 2017 Tournament fees for Entry's & Options 
(A). Basic entry for club tournaments = $100 
(B). Win option $50 divided between top 3 finishers. 
(C). Card option $50 split 50/50 between the 2 highest weighing finishers with matching cards.
(2)All members will be allowed to fish all regular season tournaments including the TOC/ Year end tournament as a regular tournament. Guests and new members are not eligible to fish the (AOY)
(3). To qualify to fish for tournament ( AOY)points and ( "TOC MONEY") at the Tournament of Champions a member must fish at least (4) regular season tournaments.--- $20.00 of the basic entry of $100 from each entry with be put back and payed to the top five teams with the minimum of (4) regular season tournaments. 

Section 3

Tournament Essentials:

1. Tournament dates will not be changed once the tournament schedule is set.

Tournament locations can be changed by a vote of the membership no less than

21 days prior to the scheduled date of the tournament.

2. The membership shall have the ability to determine whether or not there will be

an off limits before a tournament.

3. The membership shall have the ability to determine weigh-in times prior to the

start of a tournament.

4. The BBB will abide by the standard B.A.S.S. tournament rules unless specified







WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, being the Executive Board of Boise Bass Busters, as

of the date of the meeting of 1/23/17 do hereby adopt and ratify the By-Laws of BOISE

BASS BUSTERS as have been proposed.

DATED This 23rd  Day Of January 2017 



Lloyd Gilreath Jr - President


Billy Fittje - Vice President


Jack Blattner - Treasurer


Bill Fittje - Secretary


Jake Perryman & Tom Browning – Tournament Director


Lloyd Gilreath Sr. – Federation Rep


Nate Ackerman – Youth Director